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Our offer: solutions specifically tailored to the needs of a young company


Getting a new business off the ground takes a lot of organization. Not in the least when you're on your own.

But there's another way... 



  • With the help of the Business Centre, you can have immediate access to modern premises that you can move into immediately.
  • You can rely on extra services that will save considerable time and expenses. These services are optional - depending on your personal needs and budget, you can chose either the full service package or the standard service package.
  • The Business Centre's brand new ICT infrastructure offers a fast and efficient backbone for all your operations.
  • The Business Centre is located centrally, so you're easy to reach.
  • Finally, even if you're starting a one-man company, you are never alone! The Business Centre offers management counselling and you can always rely on your neighbours for help and advice.



70 modern offices with a surface of 20 to 50m2

Multifunctional outdoor area with hot spot

Supporting services

The very latest ICT infrastructure

Management support

Dynamic, business-friendly setting

Easy access



70 modern offices with a surface of 20 to 50 m2

As soon as you have moved into your office, you can get started without further delay. All of our offices have the latest communications and ICT infrastructure. And if you want we can even help furnish you office. 


Multifunctional outdoor area with hot spot

An outdoor recreation area where you can unwind, meet your business relations in a relaxing atmosphere, access the internet through our wireless infrastructure, or just enjoy your lunch. This exclusive and relaxing environment will enhance your image towards your customers and suppliers.


Supporting services

When starting a business, a helping hand is always valuable. But immediately employing staff is not always possible, certainly not in the initial phase. That is why we offer a range of personal services which will add a surplus value to your organization. 

Central reception

First impressions last. That's why an impressive reception is extremely important. The Business Centre offers a central reception area and professional receptionists. They will welcome your guests in an adapted reception area.


Telephone service

Out for the day? Our professional telephone operators will be glad to answer your calls. With that extra personal touch, as they know you, your company, your products and services.


Highly skilled secretariat

Lack of time? Can't get through the piles op paper and administration? Let our in-house-secretaries lend you a hand! They have all the skills you need and as professional secretaries they can help you with foreign languages, both written and spoken and are competent in all major software programs.


The very latest office equipment

Sleep soundly! Even if you have an unexpected presentation for a new customer. A photocopier, digital network printer, Unibind, overhead projector, video recorder and multimedia projector are at you disposal. 



You can choose which services you want. Depending on your needs, you can choose either the standard services package or the full services package.



comparison standard/full services package (PDF)



The very latest ICT infrastructure

You do not have to worry about IT issues. The Business Centre will help you with the smallest details.

We offer:


  • Integrated network cabling: all of our offices provide access points for both phone and data.
  • Access to the file server where you can place your own files, shielded from other companies and with daily backup. This backup is checked every day.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to your own privatized network. In other words, you have secure access to your own private network (VLAN) and to the central server from locations outside the Business Centre. This can be used to provide access to home users and/or subsidiaries, even through an existing internet connection.
  • Access to a central high capacity printer.
  • Internet access.
  • Personal email and domain names.
  • Hot spot: the renovated outdoor area provides the necessary hot spot infrastructure to allow secure access to you corporate intranet or to the BC Leuven network; visiting customers and business relations can use a digipass to access the internet, to handle their emails, surf the net or even to connect to their own corporate network over VPN.


There is a full-time helpdesk and on-site assistance for all the above.




Management support

Staring a company is no simple matter, and requires a good dose of know-how. We can help here too. Have you noticed? The assistance of the Business Centre can really boost your chances of success! We offer:


  • Guidance in all administrative, financial, legal and organizational formalities.
  • Networking and guidance from the Board and the shareholders of the Business Centre.
  • Mutual exchange of experiences.



Dynamic, business-friendly setting

In the Centre, there is a microclimate characterized by the spirit and dynamics of young businessmen. You may not be working for the same company, but you will soon learn that there is considerable collaboration. With a highly collegiate and open atmosphere, you are sure to find a listening ear!



Easy access

The Business Centre is ideally located, close to a number of strategic centres and still easily accessible:



  • close to Leuven University (and therefore ideal for spin-offs) in the Haasrode Research Park
  • 20 minutes from Brussels
  • 15 minutes from Zaventem International Airport
  • direct access to E40 en E314



Route description (PDF)



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